The Division of Student Affairs is actively engaged in providing programs and services that support student success. We strive to collaborate with others across the University in these efforts, and work to improve the student experience in all aspects of their lives. We seek out best practices by networking with colleagues across the country and work to improve by adopting those practices that are appropriate for our students and this university.

Key initiatives that the Division is actively pursuing include the following: 

  • Creating stronger support services and programs for underrepresented student populations, including creation of new Centers of Academic Excellence for Latino, African-American, Asian-Pacific Islander, Native American, and LGBTQ populations.
  • Improving student engagement and programming opportunities that promote both academic and social integration, as well as connection to the HSU community for greater retention.
  • Careful evaluation of our outreach programs, including our communications plan, to more effectively recruit students who will be successful at HSU.
  • With Academic Affairs, developing a common understanding of “good advising”, and building the infrastructure around best practices in advising that include early alert, peer mentoring, academic and career advising, and financial literacy.
  • Increasing our wellness programming and counseling services to create a healthier student population.
  • Developing visible support for undocumented students, and working on educating faculty and staff on this population’s challenges and needs.
  • Developing plans for expanding our on-campus student housing capacity.
  • Re-designing the food service area in the University Center to provide greater accessibility and a more comfortable environment.
  • Further developing our program assessment and planning.
  • Aligning resources with current and future priorities.
  • Examining business processes for greater effectiveness and efficiency.