Mission and Goals


The Division of Student Affairs will be a leading contributor towards advancing the HSU mission by providing opportunities that enhance the overall experience of the student and the campus community.


Operating under a student centered philosophy, the Division of Student Affairs supports students in the achievement of their academic, personal, and professional goals. Our programs and services promote individuality, responsible citizenship, sustainability, and inclusiveness. To achieve this mission, we strategically focus on engagement, diversity, student development, health and wellness, and operational efficiency.

Beacon Statement

Enrich the student experience at HSU by empowering students to take charge of their personal and intellectual growth while engaging them within a diverse and global community context.


Engage:  Focus the work in every department on student success and retention, in support of the institutional goals spelled out in the strategic plan.
Empower:  Create new and/or enhance existing support services to meet the individual needs of HSU students.
Enrich:  Improve or enhance the quality of the student experience.
15-16 Priorities
Keep Student Success at the forefront
Implement the strategic plan
Collaboration and communication within our division and across campus
Informed decision making

Division Learning and Developmental Domains (based on CAS & Learning Reconsidered)

Knowledge Acquisition, Construction, Integration, and Application
Understanding knowledge from a range of disciplines, Connecting knowledge to other knowledge, ideas, and experiences, Constructing knowledge, Relating knowledge to daily life
Cognitive Complexity
Critical thinking, Reflective thinking, Effective reasoning, Creativity
Intrapersonal Development
Realistic self-appraisal, self-understanding, and self-respect, Identity development, Commitment to ethics and integrity, Spiritual awareness
Interpersonal Competence 
Meaningful relationships, Interdependence, Collaboration, Effective leadership
Humanitarianism and Civic Engagement 
Understanding and appreciation of cultural and human differences, Global perspective, Social responsibility, Sense of civic responsibility
Practical Competence
Pursuing goals, Communicating effectively, Technological competence, Managing personal affairs, Managing career development, Demonstrating professionalism, Managing health and wellness, Living a purposeful and satisfying life